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Summer holidays

Our factory is closed during our summer holidays from 21th July through 10th August, 2014.

New pre-sintering and sintering equipment

New pre-sintering and sintering equipment

Our new, 16 meters long sintering line (conveyor furnace) will allow us to respond to the important demand of formed and sintered components and to overcome the problem of potential bottlenecks. This equipment has been in service ever since October 2008 and is very flexible so as to process small, medium or even large batches very expediently.

Design & Customer support

Philippe Voisard

Since 1st November, 2007, Philippe Voisard has brought a valuable addition to our team with his long experience and well-founded knowledge. Philippe has been a skilled toolmaker in the service of an internationally renowned sintering company for several years and has an experience of 13 years in the design of sintering tools.

Philippe Voisard is your dedicated contact for professional technical support.